Alternative Shapes handmade with love in France

We're hand-shaping alternative boards for the surfing enthusiasts. No "high-performance" shortboards as per say; with so many options in that domain already available in shops and so much talent from many many shapers, we're not building these kinda crafts. We're focused on building atypical crafts to complete your surfboards quiver with something atypical, alternative and durable to glide with. Feel free to browse thru all models in the range and dont hesitate to contact us. For more pictures check our Instagram account.


Our surfboards are all handmade in SW of France. We've developped a full range of crafts from the smallest 5 foot "disc-shaped" board to 9 foot+ logs and all are handshaped with love. The range consists of a dozen different board models we're refining all the time.


All our boards are made from the best foam blanks you can find and glassed with the best resin & fiberglass suppliers. We're usually only working with Arctic Foam and Millennium Foam blanks so you know your surfboard will be built from quality materials and wont age poorly.


Whether you order your board with a clear glass job, a resin-tint glass job or our very own marble artwork (exclusive in-house process), we're only working with experienced glassing and sanding professionnals.


Choose from our surfboards range (see below amongst all models), or ask us for a fully customised shape, decide which length, width and thickness you're after, choose your fins set up and system, choose your glass job. We'll shape exactly what you want and will help with the process and options.


Full description and photos of each model coming this September / October 2019. Thanks for your patience folks!

Petrel Fins Range

Full Petrel Fins range now available: 10 inch pivot volan fin, 9 inch pivot volant fin, 7 inch fiber glass, 6 inch fiber glass, Quads fiber glass, Thrusters fiber glass. Handmade in Europe, premium craftmanship, premium quality.